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Are You a New
Medical Practice?

Will you submit
CMS 855i or
CMS 855B
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You will submit the:

even if there are more providers in the practice but is only
owned by a one individual, then you need to fill out the CMS

CMSS 855B - If you are a group of more than 2 individuals
forming a medical group or a practice. This is the form you
will use if you have business partners or business co-owners
of the practice.

Other related enrollment forms:

Take note about the
CMS855R for your other providers
joining the practice who are reassigning benefits only.

CMS 588 for your EFT Authorization

CMS 460 Medicare Participating Physician or Supplier

Refer to your local CMS contractor. Go to their website and
visit their "Enrollment" page to get more information on how
you complete the enrollment forms.
Office Managers, Medical Billers and Medical Coders