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          Can I do Medical Coding from Home?

    “Never be afraid to tread the path alone. Know which is your path
    and follow it wherever it may lead you; do not feel you have to
    follow in someone else’s footsteps.”

                                                                   -  Eileen Caddy

    This is an inspiring quote for those who want to work alone, and in
    the comfort of your home. The new concept behind this is called
    telecommuting. It is defined as a work arrangement wherein
    employees do not need to report to a place of work. They can
    perform their job somewhere else like in their own homes, coffee
    shops or other locations. Statistics show that about 10% of people
    all over the world work from home everyday. It might not sound
    traditional but medical coding from home is also possible, just like
    any other type of work. Working as a medical coder from home has
    gained popularity these few past years, and a lot of people have
    opted for this work arrangement

    Before the coding system was set in place, the processing of
    information from patients, doctors and health insurance companies
    lacked organization with medical files reported as being stolen or
    lost. This is when the need for medical coders was deemed
    important, thus the field of medical coding was created.

    For those who want to do medical coding from home, there are some
    basic things you need to know and accomplish. First and foremost,
    you should have the basic knowledge about medical coding. You
    can enroll in online classes and earn your certification to qualify.
    This will equip you with the tools needed for the job in terms of
    medical codes, medical jargon and terminologies, procedures,
    etiquette, and a lot more. It involves a lot of studying and hard work.

    It is not enough that you get your certificate. You should constantly
    be updated with the latest findings in the medical field like revisions
    in the codes and new guidelines. In the medical field, you should
    keep abreast with discoveries of new diseases, medicines and
    medical procedures. Attending seminars and trainings are essential
    so that you won’t be left behind, and to keep everything up to date.

    Aside from these technical skills, there is also the need to develop
    your time management skills. Since you will be working alone and
    reporting to nobody else, you will be your own boss. You have to
    make your own decisions, and rely on nobody else but yourself. If
    any issue or problem crops up, you should be able to fix them.

    When you decide to do medical coding from home, your possible
    clients will be doctors, health insurance companies, health care
    facilities and government institutions. That is why you need to be
    qualified and have the proper credentials for them to consider you.
    You should also abide by the standards of practice in medical

    Another thing that you must consider is your work space. You should
    provide an environment that is conducive for working as a medical
    coder so that you can perform you work well. You should have the
    proper computer program and internet connection. As much as
    possible, the space should be free from noise and distractions so
    that you can fully concentrate on the task at hand.

    Medical coding from home carries with it a big responsibility. As a
    medical coder, you will be held accountable for everything. Before
    taking the plunge, you must be prepared and equipped not only with
    the physical aspect but also the commitment and passion to work.

    You have to be very knowledgeable with the following:
Medical Terminology
Anatomy and Pathophysiology ((very important now
that ICD-10 is coming!
HIPAA & Compliance
ICD-9-CM Coding
CPT (Current Procedural Coding)
All About Medical Modifiers
Insurance Terminology
    …. and many more topics!

    Anticipating your job

         As a medical biller/coder working at home,  you are given certain
    responsibilities. These responsibilities may involve insurance
    verification, preparation of claims, preparation of patient’s
    statements, dealing in a routine way of processing data and a lot
    even more. In short, being a medical billing officer comprises a big
    responsibility when it comes over the patient and the company.

    Good luck!