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    today, though it takes a lot of responsibilities. Medical Billers and Coders are the ones
    who are anticipated to be knowledgeable about medical billing codes. Not just them,
    but anyone involved in the Medical Billing, Coding, Medical Records and EHR/EMR
    personal must know and must have the knowledge on Medical Billing Codes.

    CPT - Current Procedural Terminology Codes

          This is a code produced by the American Medical association with the latest code
    of CPT 2011. This code makes a mark on medical, surgeries done as well as
    diagnostic aids done by the physician through their patients, and other administrative
    staffs involve in this three areas.

    ICD- International Classification of Diseases
         You can see numerous codes under this category. Each category comprises the
    different type of diseases and under them, lies the diverse subcategories under that
    type of disease. Medical billing codes under this category hands you the patient’s
    specific disease, their signs and symptoms and its etiology. This code was pursued by
    the United Nations.

Read here the ICD-9-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting Effective     
October 1, 2011 ( note that there is no changes in 2012).

    HCPCS Codes - Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System

          HCPCS codes lie under the CPT code created by the American Medical
    Association. Its previous name was the Health Care Financing Administration. This
    section takes care of the medical health insurances that catch you from paying too
    much after you have been hospitalized for so long. This is processed by handing you
    a price cut on medical equipment and services that you’re going to contain.

    DRG- Diagnosis-related group

          The Diagnosis-related group code was intended for designation of a certain
    procedure. You’ll be able to use this code under the International Classification of
    Diseases as this category presents you the patient’s specific disease, their signs and
    symptoms and its etiology. The Diagnosis-related group was formed by Robert B
    Fetter to assign each disease to a certain class.

    NDC- National Drug Codes

          As the name implies, this is widely used among the pharmaceuticals. Each
    drugstore is required to have a database containing all the Food and Drug
    Administration approved drugs. These medical billing codes comprise the name of the
    manufacturer of a certain drug, the drug’s preparation and its volume to be consumed
    by the consumers.

    DSM-IV-TR - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition, Text

          The well known DSM-IV-TR code which you can see all over the psyche
    textbooks, and journals is made formally through the public by the American
    Psychiatric Association. It consists of the codes pertaining to mental disorders such as
    mental retardation, elimination disorders, attention deficit disorders and more.

The Most Important Ones that you Need to Know and Understand are the:

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