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Medical Billing and Coding Internal Compliancy Program is a MUST
in Every Medical Practice
manager in a large practice - I have developed a Medical Billing
the Office of the Inspector General. It is very essential to have
one internally in every practice to be compliant and you should
have a program developed to your practice too.

People make mistakes, and we can not deny that. But we also
know there is no excuse to ignorance. We should know how to
identify potential risk in every practice offices such as coding and
billing errors, lack of medical documentations, data entry errors on
patients' demographic information, computer system and billing,
coding system set up and data entry errors on insurance payments.
Even the staff who opens your mails in the office should be on the
program guideline. Is it appropriate to have only one person to be
opening your mails every day? Think about it.

Recommendation for Individual and Small
Group Practices Compliancy Guidelines.