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Electronic Billing. Don't Just Read the Verification
Report. Read the Response Report Too!
have any glitch? error? You are absolutely wrong.

I have seen medical offices who ONLY relies on the Verification report. Well, this
is a report being generated after you send your claims electronically. It usually
shows you a passed or reject claims on the report. The truth of the matter is,
based on my experience, I can not rely on this verification reports alone.

Getting on top of your Response Report is more essential than just relying on your
verification report. This is the report that will show on each insurance company
with each claim with patients' names and date of service(s) if they were
"accepted", "adjudicated", "received by payor". This is actually your real
response report.

When your claims get denied for untimely filing and your system shows you have
submitted the claim electronically. The insurance company will require a PROOF.

Your Proof is the response report that indicates "accepted" or "received by
payor". If you don't have this proof. There is no way you can appeal your claim.
And your physician will not be happy for not being paid for the services he
rendered to his patients.

So be very careful on this. It's important you pay attention on these reports.
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