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Multi-Specialty Practice.
New Patient versus Established Patient.
Now, I want to talk about how to bill for multi specialty practice. New Patient
versus Established Patient.

Well, I would assume your practice is billing on one the same tax ID number as a
group of multi specialty practice.

An Internist within the group refers a patient to a Cardiologist, say, for a second
opinion. The Cardiologist belongs to the same multi-specialty practice. Would the
Cardiologist bill for a New Patient or Established Patient since she/he belongs to
the same group?

The answer is -- the Cardiologist must bill for a New Patient even if he belongs to
the same group.

I hope this may help many who gets confused on this scenario.

Make sure you are also familiar with the 3-years rule E/M encounter. The patient
who was never seen by the practice for the last 3 years is a "new" patient!.
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