This modifier is used only for the professional component (physician) of a
    service or a procedure. Certain procedures are a combination of both
    professional and technical component. By using modifier 26, it indicates that
    procedure being reported as professional component only.

    Professional Component versus the Technical Component. By illustration,
    procedures rendered at a facility such as outpatient hospital or ASC, these
    equipments are facility-owned. The facility will then report the technical
    component for such service while the physician will report the professional
    component for the that procedure. One very good example, the physician
    performs Paravertebral Facet Block under Fluoroscopic guidance using
    CPT code 77003. The physician will report the fluoro with modifier 26 for
    his/her professional component. While the facility will report the the same
    procedure with modifier -TC for the technical component.

    Modifier -LT or -RT are used to indicate a Left or Right side or anatomical
    site. So if the pain specialist performed Left Cervical Facet Block, you will
    append a modifier -LT to report this procedure.

When and How

-26 (the Professional
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