DMEPOS Application (Form CMS855-S)
Who are Exempted from the
Accreditation and Surety Bond
I publish this article on my blog because many had been asking me for an
answer -
"Who are exempted from the DMEPOS from accreditation and/or
surety bond?".

This article will focus only on Physicians/Non-Physician Practioners and
PT/OT Services Providers:

According to the current guideline, the following are exempted:

1. Physicians
2. Physician Assistants
4. Registered  Nutritionists and Dieticians
5. Certified Midwife
6. Clinicial Social Worker
7. Clinical Psychologist

**** But you need to be guided that items are provided and rendered to your
own patients as a part of your own services!

The Occupational and Physical Therapists are also Exempted from the
accreditation process and surety bond only if ....

1. The PT/OT solely own and operates the business office;
2. You provide and rendered the items/services only to your own patients as
part of professional services rendered;
3. You can only bill for orthotics, prosthetics and supplies.

Additionally, I know that CHIROPRACTORS are NOT exempted from

Kindly see chart below which I have uploaded from and is last updated August 2009. As far as I
know, there are no new changes on this guideline.

Should you need help on how to complete a CMS-855s DMEPOS Form for
your practice, contact me and I will help you.

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