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CAQH Credentialing
The Most Efficient way to Go Through
the Credentialing Process
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Most of the insurance companies are now utilizing the caqh credentialing
database system. This actually eliminates application forms to be required
from the providers.

It eliminates the snail-mailing of credentialing application packets!

It captures all demographic information of the provider to ease the
credentialing process and in fact, it becomes faster and more efficient way. I
am guessing, it may save it may save the provider at least 3-4 weeks of
processing time for the insurance credentialing process.

Healthcare providers who wants to participate with the insurance companies
can utilize caqh credentialing database system.

I know that it may take approximately 2 hours to complete and enter all your
demographic information on CAQH. So make sure you have everything
ready, relax and have more than enough time when entering your data on
CAQH Credentialing database.

You can also upload your all other related documents such as your
professional liability insurance and copies your license and certifications.

After you are finished, you have to perform attestation. And if there is a
problem, CAQH will let notify you if there is a need for you to provide
additional information or there are missing information. They will also notify
you if one of your documents is expired. They will then provide you with how to
fax them the missing information (such as a copy of an updated professional
liability insurance).

CAQH credentialing is a database system where you will allow the insurance
companies to look you up on your information through this database. Instead
of you submitting application forms, they can look you up and all your related
credentials, practice location addresses and your specialty and sub specialty.

You can authorize all insurance companies to view your data on CAQH or you
can choose which insurance companies will you allow.

Do you need help with your credentialing? ..
please contact me.

I can help you. I have more than 10 years of credentialing experience. As you
know, credentialing can be very tedious work. I can be available to help you in
the process of getting credentialed.

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