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Reimbursement and Medical Office Management Information
Providing free resources and useful informations for Physicians,
Office Managers, Medical Billers and Medical Coders

I built this free website (in 2005!) to purposely share my many years of experience,
knowledge and expertise in the following area of:

  1. Computer Consulting (Data Management, Information Technology and Technical
  2. Medical Coding, Reimbursement, Compliance and Medical Office Management.

I have an MS Research and BSc Degree in Systems Engineering.
I have worked as a Systems Engineer, Network Administrator,  College Instructor in
Computer Science, Systems Analyst and as a Security Test Engineer. I have been  in
the Information Technology Industry for the past 12 years. I have done systems design
and analysis on
Medical Records, Billing, Coding and Reimbursement Systems
for years (which led me to learn Medical Coding!) -- and the rest is history.

As you can see, with my years of experience in Information Technology and Education.
I take Patients Health Information Security, Privacy and Compliance SERIOUSLY.... I

I changed career into Medical Billing, Coding & Reimbursement 10 years ago.  
I am currently completing my Clinical Program in Nursing. Hoping to get into Informatics

I am your Independent Medical Billing, Coding, and Office Management Consultant.

I  have extensively worked on billing and coding, compliance, office management,
appeals, fee schedule analysis and contract negotiation.

I have helped medical providers develop their internal medical billing and coding
compliance program in their office as recommended by the Office of Inspector General
for Small Group Physicians.

My areas of Medical Billing & Coding Specialty are in:

Interventional Pain Management, Spine and Musculoskeletal Pain Management &
Surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine,
Physiatry, Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy and Orthopedics.

Additionally, I am also very experienced with General Surgery Office Management, and
Medical Billing and Coding.

For many years, I have searched and continually researching the internet for
guidelines, policies, statutes, laws and clinical guidelines on every information available
related to Medical Billing, Coding, Compliance and Office Management ... until now, I
do NOT STOP researching for more useful information.

I built this website to put all these useful informations in one useful place!

I don't stop learning, discovering and educating myself on the best things
I love most to do!

I hope you will find this website very useful.

I am a very Proud Member of the:
American Health Information Management Association  (AHIMA)
American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)
Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM)